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Basic Rs.250.00 SENIOR STYLIST Rs.350.00 U Cut Rs.300.00 SENIOR STYLIST Rs.400.00
V Cut Rs.320.00 SENIOR STYLIST Rs.420.00 Layer Cut Rs.800.00 SENIOR STYLIST Rs.1000.00
Feather Cut Rs.900.00 SENIOR STYLIST Rs.1200.00 Step Cut Rs.800.00 SENIOR STYLIST Rs.1000.00
Kids Rs.150.00 SENIOR STYLIST Rs.200.00


Wash Rs.300.00 Ironing Rs.800.00
Blow Out (Blow Dry) Rs.400.00 Roller Setting Rs.800.00
Medium Hair Straightening Loreal 1000.00 Matrix 1200.00 Long Hair Straightening Rs.Loreal 1200.00 Matrix 1400.00
Brazilin Mask Rs.800.00 Hair Smoothing Rs.3000.00
Hair Re Bonding Rs.4500.00 Hair Keratin Treatment Rs.8500.00


Hair Streaks (Per Streak) Rs.200.00 Full Colour Rs.2500.00
Global Colour Rs.3500.00 Hair Spa Rs.900.00
Argan Oil Scalp Massage Rs.2000.00


Half Arms Rs.150.00 Full Arms Rs.300.00
Half Legs Rs.300.00 Full Legs Rs.450.00
Chocolate wax Rs.600.00 Pedicure Rs.550.00
Manicure Rs.450.00 Full Body wax Rs.2500.00
Nail polish Rs.150.00 Nail cutting Rs.80.00


Light Make Up Rs.1500.00 Party Make Up Rs.1800.00
Bridal Make Up Rs.7500.00 (With Hair Do) Bridal Make Up Rs.6500.00


Face Rs.300.00 Face And Neck Rs.500.00
Full Arms Rs.600.00 Full Legs Rs.800.00
Full Body Rs.2000.00 Full Body Polish Rs.3000.00
Oxy Bleach Rs.400.00 Alovera Bleach Rs.450.00
Gold Bleach Rs.600.00 Fruit Bleach Rs.600.00
Strawberry Rs.650.00 Orange Rs.650.00


Dry Head Massage Rs.150.00 Neck Massage Rs.150.00
Shoulder Massage Rs.150.00 Anti Aging Facial Rs.2250
Neck and Shoulder Rs.300.00 Oil Massage Head Rs.350.00
Face Massage Rs.300.00 Leg Massage Rs.450.00
Hand Massage Rs.300.00 Full Body Massage Rs.1650.00


Eye Brows Rs.40 Upper Lip Rs.40
Chin Rs.40 Forehead Rs.40
Cheeks Rs.60 Full Face Rs.150
Sides Rs.70


Fruit Facial Rs.400.00 Insta Glow Rs.450.00
Skin Brightening Rs.500.00 De Tox Rs.1000.00
De Tan Rs.1000.00 Vitamin C Rs.1600.00
Bamboo Facial Rs.1500.00 Normal Gold Facial Rs.1800.00
Shanaz Rs.900.00 Shanaz Anti Aging Rs.1000.00
Shanaz Pearl Rs.1200.00 Shanaz Silver Rs.1700.00
Shanaz Gold Rs.2700.00 Anti Acne Rs.1500.00
Mud Pack Azteck Rs.700.00 Fruit Pack Rs.500.00
Oxy Pack Rs.400.00


Herbal Face clean up (30 Mins) Rs.400.00 Fruit Clean Up (30 Mins) Rs.450.00
Skin Lighting Clean Up (30 Mins) Rs.500.00 Insta Glow Clean Up (30 Mins) Rs.500.00
Gold Clean Up Rs.800.00 Silver Clean Up Rs.600.00


Charcoal Rs.450.00 Face Wash Rs.150.00
Gold Pack Rs.600.00 Orange Pack Rs.400.00
Mud Pack Rs.400.00 Full Face Black head Removal Rs.1000.00
Nose Black head Removal Rs.250.00 Gold 24k Rs.600.00

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